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Eagle Air Iceland

Reykjavik Airport

Office: (+354) 562 4200

Bookings: (+354) 562 2640



Opening hours:

Mon/Weds      6:30 - 19:30

Tue      7:00 - 21:30

Thu/Fri     6:30 - 21:30

Sat      11:00 - 17:00

Sun     10:00 - 20:00

White Water Rafting


560 Varmahlíð

Tel: (+354) 453 8383

Fax:(+354) 453 8384



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  1. Mountain Taxi

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Discount Iceland
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  1. Eagle Air

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Mountain Taxi has been offering variety of tours from Reykjavík since 1995 and is the oldest 4x4 company in Iceland today.

Mountain Taxi caters for all kind of activities such as: caving, Ice walking, river rafting, snowmobiling, ATV tours, Blue lagoon, bathing in hot springs, hiking, horse riding, diving, helicopter tours over Reykjavík and whale watching.

Unforgettable tours in Iceland, giving you a bird’s eye view of the country’s stunning landscapes, combined with activity-filled adventure tours.

Eagle Air is an Icelandic airline with 38 years of flying experience in the fields of transport, tourism and emergency response. Eagle is a family operated business, committed to providing its clients with the highest level of safety and services. The fleet of five aircraft ranges from a 19 seater Jetstream 32 to the smaller Cessna 185 seating 5 passengers.

We offer a wide variety of Adventure Tours and Domestic Flights

  1. *Air Tours in Iceland

  2. *Day Tours and Adventures

  3. *Incentive Tours for Groups

Sightseeing flights

For those who want to see the magnificent landscape of Iceland, sightseeing flight over the beautiful country is it.

  1. *Ice & Fire - Glaciers and Volcanoes

  2. *The Power of Nature

  3. *Snaefellsnes Peninsula - by Air and Sea

  4. *The Capital Region: Town and Country

  5. * A Historical Tour of the Westmann Islands


If you want a trip to remember then Day trip in Iceland is ideal way to see and feel the country. Combine an air tour with an adventurous activity in Iceland´s unspoiled nature.

  1. *Boat-trips on Vatnjökull glacier lagoon

  2. *Splendid Simplicity

  3. *Raft and Ride

  4. *Winter in Paradise

  5. *Activity Adventure

  6. *Day trip to Greenland

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Iceland Excursions

Höfðatún 12

105 Reykjavík

Tel: +354 540 1313

Fax: +354 540 1310



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Iceland Excursions is a fully licensed travel agency with more than 25 years of experience on the market. Today we are one of the leading specialists in incoming tourism in Iceland. Our fleet is of the highest quality and includes busses of all sizes - all with seat-belts and many with WC and air conditioning.

  1. Day Tours & Sightseeing in Iceland

  2. Super Jeep Tours in Iceland

  3. City & Country Breaks in Iceland

  4. Tours, airport transfers and accommodation, all in one package!

  5. Self Drive Packages in Iceland

  6. Coach tours to the most popular attractions in Iceland

  7. Vacation Packages

  8. Golden Circle Classic in German and English

Summer Packages include:

Golden Circle Evening tour

Reykjanes Peninsula & a visit to the Blue lagoon

Reykjanes Peninsula and Gullfoss & Geysir Express

Landmannalaugar by bus

South Coast & Jökulsárlón Glacial Lagoon

Snæfellsnes National Park

Cruise at Breiðafjörður Bay

Whale Watching and Gullfoss & Geysir Express

Whale Watching from Reykjavík harbour

Whale Watching & Blue Lagoon and Keflavík Airport

Whale Watching and Blue Lagoon direct

Established in 1992 in response to the growing demand for action and adventure tours, Activity Tours has been a pioneer on the whitewater rafting scene in Iceland for over 15 years. Our operation is based in the north of Iceland, some 300km northeast of Reykjavík in the small village of Varmahlíð. We are easily accessible via the ringroad (hwy#1), either by car, scheduled bus from Reykjavík or Akureyri, or by domestic flights, which run between Reykjavík and Sauðárkrókur.

The Skagafjörður region of northern Iceland is especially well suited for rafting, due in part to the number of available rivers, and to the variety of whitewater each has to offer. We operate 4 unique rafting trips on 3 different rivers, which range widely in difficulty to suit everyone from seasoned rafters to first timers. Our youngest participant to date has been 4 years old, and our oldest, 86!

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Mountain Taxi

Adventure Tours

Tronuhraun 7c

220 Hafnarfjordur

Booking Office:

Skolavordustigur 8

101 Reykjavik

Tel: (+354) 544 5252

Mobile: (+354) 895 5252



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DISCOUNT Whale Watching Iceland

Elding Whale Watching

Reykjavik Whale Watching

Hvalaskoun Reykjavik

Ægirsgarður / Aegirsgardur 7

Tel: +(354)555 3565

Fax: +(354)554 7420



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  1. Reykjavik Whale Watching

  2. Whale adventure from Reykjavik harbour



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Whale Watching

Take part in an adventure at sea with an unforgettable trip into the world of whales and sea birds. Conveniently located in Reykjavik’s old harbor, a 20-minute journey with Elding can bring you up close to whales in their natural habitat.

The various types of whales commonly sighted include minke whales, white-beaked dolphins, harbor porpoises and the popular humpback whales The majestic fin, sei whales and killer whales (orcas) are also occasional companions to our boats. We will be accompanied by sea birds such as gannets, puffins, guillemots, cormorants, gulls, kittiwakes, arctic terns, and many more. Our trips take us past several islands inhabited by colonies of puffin - a great photo opportunity!

Whale watching tours

Whale watching tours operate from the beginning of April through to the end of October, from the old harbour in Reykjavik. The whales most frequently seen on tours with Elding are the Minke whales, Humpback whales, Dolphins and Porpoises and other species are sometimes spotted.

Sea angling 2009

Sea angling tours are scheduled from Reykjavik harbor from early May to late August every day at 11:00, but can be booked at other times. Sea angling is a fantastic experience. The crystal clear air and the excitement of catching a fish in the happy company of first-timers and experienced fishermen makes this a must-do trip.

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IsHestar Horse Riding
D42 - Geysir Gullfoss 
Riding Tour

PRICE $153 per person
SAVE 10%=$15.30
Reykjavik Iceland
Reykjavik by Day
Reykjavik by Day & Night Iceland
Reykjavik by Day & Night DISCOUNTS


Season Card

only $19.95

Reykjavik Discounts
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Íshestar Riding Tours

Icehorse Riding Tours

Telephone +354 555-7000

Fax +354 555-7001

Sörlaskeið 26

220 Hafnarfjörður


Office hours 8:00 – 22:00 hrs.



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  1. Íshestar Riding Tours

  2. Horse Riding Tours



IsHestar Horse Riding
D42 - Geysir Gullfoss 
Riding Tour

PRICE $153 per person
SAVE 10% = $15.30
  1. Reykjavik By Day & Night

  2. Self-Drive & Adventure Tours

Reykjavik by Day & Night

Self-Drive & Adventure Tours

Skolavorðustigur 14, 2nd floor

101 Reykjavík

Office telephone: +354 412 7777

Booking phone: +354 666 1234




Reykjavik by Day & Night is a Tour Operator and a Travel Service Provider offering tours & entertainment in and around Reykjavik - all year round!

  1. Entertainment and Theatrical Shows.

• Day and evening Tours/Activities.

  1. Car rental with GPS Navigation.

  2. Activities for Families and Children.



Promotional winter price $126 - Full price $152. Save 17%  Only $31 per person if 4 share one car.

Two for One offer Jan 1st  – Mar 31st
Price: $64 for two persons.

Combined driving and walking tour to experience Reykjavik.

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