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Voyager Cardholder Benefits
  1. Bullet IcelandVoyager is valid with over 250 merchants in Iceland, covering thousands of products and services.

  2. THE NORDEN ASSOCIATION OF ICELANDUsing Voyager could not be easier. Simply present your card at the point of sale, or quote your membership details when booking to receive your discount saving.

  3. BROWSE or DOWNLOAD the Voyager Discount ListVoyager is not a payment card and can therefore be used in conjunction with any method of payment.

  4. You might be wondering how we are able to offer such a great service. Founded in 1922, The Norden Association of Iceland or “Norræna Felagið” is a politically independent, non-profit organisation which promotes co-operation between the Nordic countries.  Norden Associations were first founded in Denmark, Norway and Sweden in 1919. The Norden Associations have in total around 80,000 members.

Our vision is to help visitors to Iceland and merchants alike. Retailers and merchants join our discount network freely and offer savings to our members. We take no sales commission and simply pass on these discounts to you as savings when you book directly. Proceeds from card sales go towards the Norden Association. If you have any questions about our service, please don’t hesitate to contact us.Voyager cards are valid for up to twelve months - super value whether you are in Iceland for a weekend or an extended stay.

  1. BUY NOWWe issue and activate your Voyager Card details within 24 hours of payment, so you can take advantage of many savings immediately, while you are booking your trip to Iceland.

  2. 2Your Voyager card and a printed copy of our Discount List will be delivered to your home address - please allow 10-14 days for delivery. In case of special requests we can deliver your card to your hotel in Iceland.

  3. 3After purchasing, we will ask you to register your card. Please confirm your delivery details when you register. We respect your privacy and will not send you unwanted emails or disclose your details to any third party.

  1. Hotels  -  Bars  -  Restaurants  -  Shopping  -  Tours & Excursions  -  Souvenirs  -  Car Hire - and more!We aim to provide the best possible service to our customers. Call, e-mail or visit our offices to speak with our English speaking staff if you have any queries.

  2. Shopping IcelandIn addition to discount savings,Voyager Concierge Service is available FREE to registered cardholders.

  3. Hotels  -  Bars  -  Restaurants  -  Shopping  -  Tours Excursions  -  Souvenirs  -  Car Hire - and more!Our Concierge Staff can provide ideas, advice and recommendations on virtually any topic: travel, site-seeing, attractions, accommodation, restaurants, shopping and activities.

  4. THE NORDEN ASSOCIATION OF ICELANDMany of your questions may already be answered in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

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Hotels  -  Bars  -  Restaurants  -  Shopping  -  Tours Excursions  -  Souvenirs  -  Car Hire - and more!
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Seems too good to be true ?

Hotels  -  Bars  -  Restaurants  -  Shopping  -  Tours & Excursions  -  Souvenirs  -  Car Hire - and more!Browse_Iceland_Discount_Listing.htmlBrowse_Iceland_Discount_Listing.htmlshapeimage_24_link_0
  1. Iceland’s Leading Discount Card for Tourists and Visitors to Iceland